The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, March 8, 2014

2 month update- Patrick

This month, Patrick's 2 month birthday and Ryan's 3 years birthday fell on the same day... and surprise surprise, it SNOWED!  It has snowed for all of our special days this year, my baby shower, Patrick's birth, his 1 month, and now for the big birthday.  I have canceled and rescheduled many activities and doctors appointments because of this snow.  Hopefully we are now officially done.

Anyway, 2 months has been great so far.  Just like with Ryan (and with everything else in life) its going soooo fast.  He doesn't seem as squishy newborn any more.  I also feel like he had some big changes from 6-8 weeks.  He doesn't cry as much, he is a little bit more on a routine, he is sleeping better at night.  I feel like he is pretty much right on track as a textbook baby.  Here are some highlights right now:

- He weighs 12.2 lbs and is 23 inches long

- He is still wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothes

-Diapers size 1

-He is still exclusively breast fed (yay for no formula yet) and he will take a bottle of BM on the few occasions I am not there to nurse him.

-  He is very different from Ryan.  He is much calmer during the awake hours, only has crying fits if he is tired or hungry or gassy, he does not spit up much at all, he sleeps well at night, and he likes tummy time for a little while.

-He is similar to Ryan in the fact that he is not a good day time napper.  He does not like to sleep anywhere
at all except my arms.  I have tried it all... the swing, the baby wearing, the rock n play, the car seat, the crib... but he won't nap for longer than 10-15 minutes in any of it.  He ends up waking, crying hysterically until I rock him back to sleep but again will only stay asleep if he stays in my arms. Even when we take a drive, he will fall asleep in the car seat, but as soon as the car stops moving he wakes up. I am really working on this, I feel like its my biggest challenge right now.  It is really hard to have a baby in your arms constantly while taking care of a 3 year old.  I keep attempting to "put him down" for naps... so far no luck.  Ryan was like this until about 4 months when things slowly got better.  I guess I make babies that hate swings :)

-He does have cradle cap, not terrible, but its there.  Fingers crossed for a mild case.

- Big smiles started this month.  He is a happy baby when he is well slept and fed!

-Just this week he started rolling from his belly to his back.  I think its kind of early for this, but Ryan rolled early too.  He has only done it 3 times, but he definitely can do it.  Big milestone!

-Bath time is enjoyable.  He freaks the first minute or two of being put into the water, but then calms down and seems to like the water.

-He started sleeping in his crib at 6 weeks.  It was about a week of transition, but its going well and he is there all night now.

-Vaccines- I needed to make a decision about how we were going to handle vaccines this month.  After lots of research and several conversations with my pediatrician, we have decided on a slow and alternative schedule.  He is getting about half of the vaccines available and will be getting them spread out over the first 2 years instead of getting them all at the same time as infants.  I am comfortable with this decisions because I think he is only getting the ones that are truly serious diseases and he will not be overwhelmed with a huge amount of toxins all at one time.  Its a compromise between protecting him through vaccines and building up a strong immune system naturally.  It pretty much brings him back to getting basically what my generation got as kids back in the early 80's.  

-Our general routine right now... I am trying to follow the EASY model from Baby Whisperer.  I used that guide and the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book with Ryan and I really liked the concept and Ryan turned out to be a great healthy sleeper.  So an ideal day looks like this...

Eat, Activity, Sleep. 
7:00 am  Eat, 7:30 Play, Nap from 8:30-10ish.  And then repeat throughout the day.  This is the goal.The times change, but that's the rotation.

We still are not exactly there yet.  He is spread out to eating every 3 hours, but because he is not a good napper, the designated play and sleep time is a little off.  He will play for a little bit, sleep for a little bit, then be up and  cranky for a little bit, maybe dose off again.  Its not really clear cut yet.  I think when the naps improve, we will be on a better routine throughout the day.   It doesn't help that I am also following the schedule of a toddler, so sometimes there routines go against each other and normally Patrick is the one that has to adapt.

Then in the evening I add an extra nursing session because he likes to cluster feed and it helps him get some sleep.  So night time looks like this...

4:00 eat
4:30-5:30 play a little bit and cat nap
5:30 eat again
6:00-7:00 play again and sometimes he doses off a little bit, if he gets a bath its normally now
7:00 start bedtime routine:  change him, swaddle him, nurse again, rock him to sleep
And then he is in his crib by 7:45-8:00pm
Then I stay up until 9:30-10 to pump before going to sleep.  I have about 30 oz of milk in the freezer woohoo!

*  Right now he is sleeping great at night, I don't want to jinx it so I won't even type out what a normal night is, but I will come back in the future to add this part :)

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