The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Ryan Post

In the mix of everything going on with the baby, Mike, the new house... I don't want to forget about some Ryan updates!

-We are 99% potty trained.  Day time he is great and rarely ever has an accident (and if he does, its normally just a dribble on his way into the potty), he wakes up dry from his nap, and he has mastered poopy on the potty.  The last step is overnight potty training, but I don't think he is ready for that yet.  So for now its still pull ups at night.

-He is having some 2.5 year old sleep regression.  Getting him to settle at night is hard!  He frequently calls out to us, cries, and does whatever he can to get us to go sit with him.  I think he is going through an "afraid of the dark" phase.  He just seems very unsettled at bedtime. Then once he is finally asleep, he has been waking up a few times a night.  Some time crying because he is scared/nightmare, some times with this awful lingering cough, some times for no reason at all... but he is not sleeping through the night (just what I need with a new baby on the way).

- He has some of the cutest things he says (or at least they are cute to us)
When I ask him what he wants for Christmas he says, "Underpants!"
When he is being silly the answer to every question is "apple juice"
He can quote a silly commercial on Nick Jr. and is always saying "Awkward"
If he doesn't know the answer to a question, he formally says "I do not know!"
He keep saying "ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone, Bad boys get nothing"

I am sure there is so much more, but thats what comes to mind.

-I think he is excited about the baby coming.  He is always asking questions, helping us set up, and showing me things that are for the baby.  He also likes to pretend that his Tiger is his new baby.  At night he will sing songs to my belly and give it kisses. 

-We are already enjoying Christmas.  He looks forward to finding Jack the Elf every morning, watching old Christmas movies on TV, playing with his Santa's sleigh toy, and today we got his picture with Santa.  I am looking forward to cutting down and decorating our tree tomorrow and going to Storybook land for the Christmas parade. 

-He is a little fiesty these days, spending a lot of time in time out.  He has a mind of his own and we are frequently in battle... I guess that is just toddlers.

-My favorite time of the day with him is cuddle time in our bed first thing in the morning.  We normally have a few minutes before getting ready for work/school to watch a little TV and cuddle.  I love this time!

Thats it for now, on to some cuteness!

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