The Taynors

The Taynors

Saturday, December 28, 2013

38 weeks

I can't believe baby is actually almost here. This pregnancy flew by! I guess we were busy this year :)

Generally I feel about the same. The last few days I actually have been feeling better than the two weeks leading up to Christmas. I guess I'm doing a good job taking it easy, because I have less cramps and Braxton hicks contractions.

The new weird symptom of the week is my incredibly sore hands. Both hands hurt in my joints from the wrist down through my finger tips. They are a little swollen, but the ache pain is worse then the swelling. It wakes me up in the middle if the night and I can't move my fingers. Very strange.

We have officially reached the "baby came come at any minute" and I still don't have a real feeling about the sex or the name.

Things that make me think its a boy...
- I'm carrying all in my belly
- I can picture my life as the mom with boys
- Based on when I conceived, it would be boy
- The wedding ring test said boy

Things that make me think girl...
- my face is breaking out pretty bad
- worse morning sickness in the beginning
- craving sweets, not salts
- when I day dream about meeting the baby it's normally a girl

As of today the name choices are Charlotte, Reagan, Patrick, or Davis. I know it's crazy but we are still playing around with different options.

Tomorrow is the equivalent of when Ryan was born, so it really can be any day. I'm not rushing anything... Babies seem happier when they stay in longer ;)

Technically this is last week. I'll take a new belly picture tonight!

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