The Taynors

The Taynors

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Month Old

Just like everyone says, time is going by so fast.  I can't believe Ryan is one month old already! At his one month check up he weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. Here is a quick list of whats been going on in the life of Ryan...

- You like to eat!  He has become quite the boob man :)
- You like to sleep in peoples arms
-You are very strong, you can keep your head up and kick very hard
- You like tummy time on Dad's chest (but not Mom's)
- You smile after you are done eating, before you drift off to sleep
- You are happiest sitting up straight, so anytime you are flat on your back you cry (because of the reflux)
-You like to put your hands in your mouth, occasionally you suck your thumb
-You calm down when Dad makes a funny face like he is crying too
-Unfortunately, you are going through a tough time right now so you spend a lot of time crying and unhappy.  Most of your awake time is spent crying.  You also fight sleeping most days and nights.  I can tell you are really tired and want to sleep, but you easily wake up again.  Sometimes your own toots will wake you up and then we have to start from the beginning to try to get you to sleep. 

I am so much in love with you and very sad that I can't make you happy.  Hopefully we will figure out why you are so uncomfortable and my happy baby will return.  I look forward to being able to spend time playing and singing and making you smile some time soon.

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