The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful at Thanksgiving

Both the boys are sleeping (that is officially the first thing on my "Thankful list") and I just sat down to start making Black Friday Christmas shopping lists.  Then the sentimental part of me got to thinking about the actual holiday of Thanksgiving and what its all about.  So instead of writing my shopping list, I am going to write out my thankful list.

Thanksgiving 2015 I am thankful for (in no particular order):

1.  Sleeping children (see above)
2.  Target- I could literally shop their daily.  The store makes me happy, has everything, and the cartwheel app is just amazing.  Love it!
3.  My hardworking husband.  He works his butt of at his job and works his butt off at home.  And manages to be a pretty awesome father and husband in between it all.
4. My mom, who is superwoman and my Dad, who is so strong in recovering from his surgery
5.  My healthy, growing, adorable boys, Ryan and Patrick
6.  Coombs Chiropractic, where I have a great flexible job that I enjoy and a place that keeps my whole family healthy
7.  Disney World!  We are going again in April and any time I am planning a Disney vacation I am a happy girl.
8.  Christmas- I love the whole Christmas spirit and getting to spend it with my kids is so magical.
9.  Adele.  Her songs get me!
10.  Peppermint Mocha season
11. Red wine- lots of red wine
12.  Having best friends that have been my best friends for more than my half my life!  I would not survive without having my girls to fall back on.
13.  Finally making some new adult friends now that my besties have moved so far.  I have said it before, finding adult friends is like dating, so I am happy to finally feel confident in a few new friendships.
14.  Our new house is slowly coming along and feeling like home.
15.  My new juicer that I got for my birthday.  Having lots of fun playing around with new juice recipes.
16.  My crunchy moms facebook group- its my first place I go with any natural/holistic/health related questions.
17.  Amazon Prime- Free two day shipping, enough said!
18.  Cheesy chick novels. I have been on a reading kick recently and only want to read light hearted books.  I am loving my easy reads.
19.   God-  I am not overly religious, but I find myself being drawn more and more towards the Bible and prayer and I am thankful for feeling comfort in prayer.  Next step, finding a church I love.
20.  Date nights-  I don't get them enough, but very thankful for when we do.
21.  Ryan's teacher Mrs. Cappello.  He has had a rough start to the school year, and she has been wonderful with helping us through the transition.  In the same thought, we are also thankful for his new amazing OT, Alex.
22.  Car ride naps-  Patrick is on a nap strike, so thank goodness for the car!
23.  Cheap flights to North Carolina.
24.  Family time.  In our busy life, I look forward to and appreciate time when just the four of us get to just chill out and be together.
25. Chocolate- I am obsessed these days.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!

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