The Taynors

The Taynors

Friday, September 12, 2014

Patrick 8 mo

Here we are again for another monthly update... 2/3rds of the way through the first year.  Thats just carzy.

Some of the facts and happenings of this month.

-Patrick is starting to eat more foods.  I make 98% of his food home made, and we use jars when we are eating out at a restaurant.  But I like giving him fresh organic foods, and sometimes its as easy as smashing up a banana or an avocado because that's what we have on hand.  He has had a wide range of fruits and veggies.... not grains yet (well except some puffs for finger food).  Other than the puffs, he is not interested in the finger foods just yet, he kind of spits out whatever he gets into his mouth.  He has a mid morning meal, and a dinner time meal.  Occasionally he will have a 3rd depending on the day.

-He is using a sippy cup with water, just not well yet.

- I don't have a current weight... luckily he has been healthy so we have had no reason to go to the Dr.  We go at 9 months for a well check.

-He was exclusively breastfed/breastmilk only until the 8 month mark.  At 8 months I started supplementing with some formula.  It was sooo hard to keep up with his needs and my supply was causing a huge stress.  So I decided that as of 8 months, I would slowly start to wean and transition to formula and bottles.  I started with the 1:00 feeding.. but a crazy thing has happened... now that he gets that one bottle at 1:00 and I don't pump in place of it, my supply has evened out.  So I nurse him when he wakes up in the morning, at 10am. at 4:00pm, and then again for bedtime.  Then he gets the 1 formula bottle and a few meals of solids and he seems to be doing very well like this.  So I am not going to rush the transition... right now we are both happy so this works for us.  I am still pumping at night to keep building a freezer supply.  Even when we transition more off the boob and onto bottle, I want to be able to give him some amount of breast milk as long as possible.

-This was a big area of stress and disappointment.  My goal was to breastfeed 100% for the first year, so coming to terms with the need to supplement was really difficult.  But I must say I do feel much better knowing that even if its not 100% at least I'm still doing it, having the bonding moments, and he is getting the antibodies.  Instead of being disappointed, I am trying to focus on the accomplishments... I made it past the very difficult first 2 weeks, then the 6-8 week fussy period of cluster feeding, and then the massive 6 month growth spurt.  So anything form here on out is a bonus!

-Patrick is much slower to hit the major mile stones than Ryan was, but I kind of like it. 

-Still not teeth... I'm waiting on those to start more solids.

-He sits great, but he still can't go from laying down to sitting on his own.

-He is scooting and rolling all over the room, but he is not crawling yet... I think we still have a few more weeks.

-No attempts to pull himself up to standing yet.  He would rather sit on the floor and pull things to him.

-He babbles up a storm and has lots of fun new noises.

-For the most part he is very laid back and as long as he has someone to play with or something to watch, he is content.

-His laugh is contagious

-He is a cuddly boy.  He loves to be help and to snuggle against my neck.  He has also started the sloppy kisses phase.

-We are working on things like peek a boy, waving, and clapping.  

-For the sleeping my next entry... that's a post of its own.  I love this boy to death but boy do I hate his sleep patterns.

-Ryan continues to be a great and helpful big brother... seeing their interactions increase and them actually play together is a happy mommy moment.

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