The Taynors

The Taynors

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Patrick 3 months

Little late- second baby problems!

But here is Patrick's 3 month update. Boy I love thus baby boy to pieces. He is so sweet and his smile just melts away whatever is bothering me at the time.

-The details: he is 13 lbs 1 oz, 23.5 inches long and in the 50% across the board. He is wearing size 2 diapers and is about to transition from 0-3 month to 3-6 month clothes.

- He is still only breast fed (with the occasional bottle of bm). He is doing great with nursing and we are working through the growth spurts. I pump every single night between 9:30-10 before I go to sleep. I get about 2-3 oz at that time so I'm slowly building a freezer stash. That stash allows me to get awar
- We are slowly starting a basic routine, very basic. He is up somewhere between 6:30-7:30am, he eats every 3 hours (7, 10, 1, 4), the cluster feeds a bit between 4-7, and then bedtime starts around 7:00pm. We try to get some naps in between each nursing throughout the day (eat, activity, sleep) but he is not a good napper so that's a bit rough.

- Night time sleep is pretty good. Last month was great, I was shocked how well he slept every night, but he is back tracking just a bit and waking a little more. I don't feed him when he wakes up until at least 3:30 am. Every night is a little different. Some times he goes right to sleep at night and goes straight to 4am and then sometimes he fusses at bedtime, doesn't settle til closer to 9-10pm and then gets up a few times overnight. Hopefully he will fall back into his good night sleeping routine by next month (fingers crossed)!

- Patrick has a great personality. He is happy most of his awake time, he loves to talk, he is starting to giggle, and his smiles are huge.

- He can roll over, belly to back, but doesn't do it often. We are working on tummy time. He has a little bit of a flat head, so we are doing as much as we can to keep him off his back.

- Chomping on his hands is a favorite activity these days. And the drool is following.

- Cradle cap is still here but not nearly as bad as Ryan had. The baby hair is slowly coming out, and I think the new hair growing in is lighter.

- Nap time is a stress for a few reasons... He has trouble falling asleep on his own (like he seriously fights it), he likes to be moving non-stop (car or rocked in someone's arms), when he is finally asleep he normally wakes up very quickly (like 20 minute cat naps).... And the reason this is hard is because when he gets tired, he gets crazy. My quiet, sweet baby turns into a monster. He has the loudest cry and sounds so angry! We describe him as going from 0-60 in 10 seconds. It's pretty wild to witness. So nap time is sacred and I'm working hard to get a better nap routine. Trust me, I have tried all the techniques, but naps just don't come easy.

I think those are the main Patrick points for the month. Now a lite mommy update:

- I miss nap time (haha I'm obsessed I know). But Ryan's nap time use to be my quick chance to breathe. Now that it's taken up by taking care of Patrick, there is no break in the day. I need to get these boys napping at the same time!

- I hate talking about it, and I really need to write a separate post, but the postpartum blues/anxiety is back. My emotions are outbid control, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride, and the meltdowns are frequent. Because of suffering ppd with Ryan, both mike and I were on high alert for it happening again. I think somewhere around 2 months is when I really started feeling it again- the sad, stress, anxious, hopelessness feelings of postpartum. Anyway, I'm back seeing a therapist and I'm trying to stay off any medication at this point. I don't want to go the way of meds because I don't want it to interrupt my nursing the baby. But I have that in my back pocket if I need it. While I'm going through it I don't like to talk about it, it's awkward and uncomfortable. It's much easier for me to tell my story of ppd when I'm feeling better. I know I'll feel better soon, this time around I know it goes away, and for now I just need to take care of myself and get past it.

- I think we have decided that I will extend my leave of absence until July 7 (when Patrick hits 6 months old). The details are still fuzzy so I'll update soon.

- I have been back to pre-baby weight for a while but I need to get my butt back to working out! It will make me feel better and get my body ready for summer. That's the goal this month!

Now here are some cute pics to make us all smile!

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