The Taynors

The Taynors

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy Busy

I have been totally slacking on my blog posts.  We have tons going on, and tons that I want to blog about but I feel like I can't get caught up on my "to-do" list and my blogging keeps getting pushed down the list.  Here are a few little things that are keeping the Taynor's so busy.

- I spent January planning my mom's surprise 60th birthday party.  Between planning, invites, food, errands, decorations, etc  I felt like all I could think about was the party.

-Ryan's first birthday is next Saturday (Oh My God!!) so the month of February has been spent planning his party.  It is going to be construction truck themed and I have a bunch of cute decorations to go along with it.  I'll post more details about the party when its over and I have pictures to share.  But same as the 60th... party planning takes a ton of time so that is currently my priority.

-Mike is working a ton.  He finished his real estate class and passes his test.  Next step is to start looking for an agency to work part time.  His full time job is super busy too.  He normally leaves by 8-8:30 am and doesn't get home until 6pm.  Most days we are two ships passing in the night... I wish we had a little more "family" time.

-Work for me has been very busy.  This week I worked 25 hours in the office, 10 hours at home, and did hair for 11 people.  I am really loving what I am doing...but I'm exhausted.  I have had to push aside all the things I want to be doing to fit in all the things I have to do (no fun).  But I can't complain because the money is good and we really need that right now!

-I got a new jogging stroller for Valentines day... now I just need to get outside and use it.  Today is going to be beautiful, so hopefully I can find a half hour to get outside for a run after Ryan's pm nap and before my evening hair clients come.  I love the stroller and can't wait to start running much more often!

-Ryan LOVES swimming.  He splashes from the second we get in the pool until I drag him out.  I think we are going to have a lot of fun in our pool this summer.  I can't wait for some sunshine!

-We are in total budget mode.  We have been making good money, but spending a lot of it too.  We are really trying to cut back and save more.  We have so many goals for the future but we have a lot of debts (car payments, student loans, personal home loans, etc) that need to be payed off before we can do anything.  It is a daunting task and I think that is why Mike and I are working so much right now.  Hopefully our hard work will pay off and we will be able to achieve these goals.

Hmmmm I think that is about it.  Off to the dermatologist to get Ryan's poor cheeks checked out.

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