The Taynors

The Taynors

Monday, February 28, 2011

Here we go...

I have been thinking about starting a blog since I found out I was pregnant.  Well here I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am finally getting started.  I have so much to talk about in regards to my pregnancy that these first few posts will probably be very long (warning)!  Lets start from the beginning...

I'm Pregnant!
In July 2010, Mike and I went on vacation with friends to Cabo San Lucas.  We had an amazing time.  Beautiful resort, lots of sun, the perfect vacation.  It was about half way through the week that I started feeling "funny".  I am pretty in tune with my body, and strange things were happening (frequent trips to the bathroom, cramps but no period, sore nipples, etc).  Anyway, I started drinking less (a very difficult task when you are on an all-inclusive Mexican vacation) and decided to take a pregnancy test as soon as we got home.  Our trip back to NJ was a very long one, we finally arrived home at about 2:30am.  Mike and I promised each other that we would sleep as late as possible the next morning, neither of us waking the other one up.  At about 6:30am, I woke up and could not fight the urge to take a pregnancy test.  Almost immediately after peeing on the stick, the word "pregnant" appeared on the tiny screen.  It literally took my breath away.... I kept reading it over and over again... I was pregnant!

Now my true dilema was how to tell Mike.  He was sound asleep and like I already said, I promised to not wake him up.  Soooo I laid in bed next to him, starring at the ceiling, with a trillion things going through my head.  I lasted until about 8:30.  Mike rolled over and happened to open his eyes for a split second so I jumped up and said "Oh good you are awake!"  He had no idea what was about to hit him.  I couldn't contain myself for another second... I just kept saying "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant".  His response, "No you are not".  It took several announcements and showing him the two tests to convince him that it was true, we were having a baby!  I can not describe the emotions and thoughts we both experienced that first day. 

The Big Announcement
Due to my sister in-laws upcoming wedding and a very sudden death in the family, we decided it was best to hold off for a few weeks to tell everyone we were expecting.  But there was no way I could keep it a total secret, I had to tell someone.  My best friend Jackie was with us on vacation, so she knew that I suspected I was pregnant.  Actually it was about noon the day we got home when she sent me a text message asking if I took a pregnancy test.  I remember running up the stairs to ask Mike if I could tell her, I was so excited.  But Mike convinced me that it was probably better if we waited til the next time we saw both Jackie and Julian so we could tell them together and in person.  I am glad he made me wait, but it was super hard.  I avoided Jackie that entire week because there was no way I could see her/talk to her and not tell her the news.  That upcoming weekend we were finally able to tell them the news.  They were just as excited as we were, our babies were only going to be born about three months apart (Jackie was currently 18 weeks pregnant).

We then waited a month to tell everyone else.  Unfortunately that month included bachelorette parties, weddings, and a funeral.  I spent many nights pretending to drink, just so no one would be suspicious.  There were many beers dumped down the toilet at the Tropicana.  Evenutally we were able to let the cat out of the bag.  We told Mike's family at a BBQ the day after Michelle's wedding and we told my family the next night while out celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  The following day, I called the rest of my girlfriends and cousins.  At this point I just wanted everyone to know as soon as possible.  It was so nice to finally be able to celebrate the good news with all of our friends and family.

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